Hundreds of Yuma students learn about bullying & internet safety

Hundreds of Yuma students learn about bullying & internet safety


Yuma, AZ- "Bullying in person is bad, bullying online that will follow you for the rest of your life," said Fritez Randolph the instructional mentor at Harvest Preparatory Academy in Yuma.

Bullying can happen anywhere to anyone and has become a wide spread issue especially among school age children.

The Arizona State Attorney's Office launched a state wide Anti Bullying Campaign. Today they made a stop at Harvest Prep talk to students K-12.

One student tells News 13 he was once a victim of bullying and how it affected him.

"It made me feel very down cause being picked on is never fun," said Ian Hourigan a Harvest Prep Student.

Hourigan says he found the presentation very informational and he believes the students who attended will greatly benefit from what they heard.

Students were briefed about bullying, sexting, and Internet safety.

"Bullying at Harvest Prep is a very low issues. It doesn't happen here often. It does happen other places too. But It's just good to make sure students are informed about all the different dangers that they may be prompted with as they go through life," said Randolph.

After listening to personal accounts of Internet predators, students were provided with helpful tips on how to control access to their personal information on social networking sites.

At the end of the presentation a series a question and answer sessions took place.

"Anyone that feels like they are being bullied they should tell a trusted adult," said Randolph.


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