United Way hosts 3rd Annual Free Diabetes health screening

United Way hosts 3rd Annual Free Diabetes health screening

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CALEXICO - November is Diabetes Awareness Month and that is why The United Way of Imperial County held a free diabetes health screening on Monday morning.

Over 13,000 Imperial Valley residents suffer from Diabetes. Over 4,000 of them don't even know they have the disease until they are faced with serious health problems.

And that is why The United Way of Imperial County and its partners put on the free clinic for the 3rd year in a row.

Those that attended got some very important information about the disease as well as a short class on how to prevent diabetes.

The clinic has seen hundreds of residents come through. Some are aware of their health status, while others just don't know.

They are the reason that health screenings like this one Calexico play a vital role in the health of the community.

"It's extremely valuable", says Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, Director of Programs, Cynthia Dagnino. "A lot of the people that we see at these type events usually have an idea of what's going on but you do come across people who are clueless and have no idea so this provides them information they might not have known otherwise".

Also included in the screening was a blood pressure and blood sugar test.

Tito Sandoval went through the screening. He says that he appreciates the information he received because it might just save his life one day.

"It is very important to know the condition that one is in", he says. "Knowing what I know now will let me choose my food more wisely. Sometimes we just look at the labels but don't really understand them. Now I understand the numbers and facts on there, especially the amount of sugar that it contains".

Robert Perez says that he is a part of the event because he knows the struggles that families in Imperial Valley go through.

"We have people who have long hours, don't eat well, nutrition is low and don't have the opportunity to see a doctor", he says. "Again, we're providing a service to help the community. Not everybody can afford to see a doctor or do they have the time. By doing this, we can provide a service for them".

The screening took less than 10 minutes to go through and those that took part in it didn't leave the clinic empty handed. They were each given a United Way pin for their participation.

They were also given pamphlets and brochures with information on diabetes as well a body mass chart.

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