Firefighters Share Safety Tips on Cooking this Thanksgiving

Firefighters Share Safety Tips on Cooking this Thanksgiving


YUMA, AZ - You've heard of driving under the influence. What about baking or deep frying your turkey while under the influence? Firefighters say it's a real concern that could be a dangerous mixture for you and your family.

Mike Erfert from the Yuma Fire Department says "We discourage anyone from driving under the influence. We certainly discourage cooking under the influence because your inhibitions are reduced you might not be as careful as you should be."

So, to stay safe and keep your home from catching fire firefighters warn if you're going to fry your bird do so outside and away from flammable trimmings.  Erfert says "It is important to follow the instructions and be very careful because the inherent risks with a huge amount of oil which is flammable, very hot and involving an open flame is pretty obvious."

According to the NFPA between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are more cooking related fires than any other time of the year. In fact, nationally firefighters report more than 156 thousand fires are caused by not paying attention in the kitchen. Erfert says, "Cooking combined with distraction of the holiday end up with unattended cooking and you get the fire."

Firefighters also advise to keep kids out of harms way designate a kid free zone whether you deep fry your turkey outside or bake it in a hot oven inside. 

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