Cab robber still on the loose: Cabbies speak out in Yuma

Cab robber still on the loose: Cabbies speak out in Yuma


Yuma, AZ- This violent crime happened over the weekend. The gunman pistol whipped the cab driver in the face with a gun and robbed him.

News 13 called Buchanan's to get their reaction but they have not returned our call.

Some cab drivers told News 13 they are fearful because the gunman is still out there and hasn't been caught.

Police say the cab driver picked up a man near the 2900 Block of Pacific Avenue and drove him to the 2500 Block of West 24th Street on Saturday at about 1:30AM.

Police say the man had a black hand gun and used it to hit the driver in the face.

He then demanded cash.

Police say the gunman then got out of the car and took off running with the driver's hard earned cash.

About $100 in all.

The victim hasn't come forward to talk but a driver at City Cab tells us while crimes against cabbies doesn't happen that often, when it does it puts fear in most drivers.

"I feel threatened, unsafe, worried, I'm not just worried about myself but I'm worried about all the other drivers out there," said Jessica Stephens a driver with City Cab.

She says their company policy does not allow them to carry guns so many of them protect themselves by carrying weapons like small knives, mace and even tasers.

As for the suspect on the loose?

The Buchanan's cab driver told police the gunman is about 5'8 and he had on a blue shirt. Those were the only details he was able to remember.

Police say they are actively investigating this crime. They encourage anyone with information to contact them or 78-crime to remain anonymous.

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