Can Yuma Cab Drivers Carry Guns?

Can Yuma Cab Drivers Carry Guns?


YUMA – Early Saturday morning, a Yuma cab driver was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. Cab drivers say they're not allowed to carry guns, leaving their self-defense options limited.

Jessica Stephens drives a night cab in Yuma.

"Technically, we're not allowed to carry weapons at all. Guns? … definitely not. We're not allowed to arm ourselves like that," explains Stephens.

No guns in Arizona? We talked to Master Police Officer Vidal Cruz of the Yuma Police Department.

"They have every right as any other citizen; they have the right to bear arms, if their right has not been revoked," says Cruz.

Gun rights are revoked to convicted felons or people deemed a danger to themselves and others. The ban on guns for taxi drivers is coming from the cab companies. The policy means drivers are forced to find other ways to protect themselves.

"I know a lot of our cab drivers carry mace. A couple of them have tasers and knives ... definitely," states Stephens.

Master Police Officer Vidal says the best weapon, for everyone, is vigilance.

"Cab drivers, the citizens, we all need to be aware of our surroundings. We need to be alert. If something doesn't feel right, acknowledge that and do something about that," says Cruz.

Jessica Stephens is doing something about it. She's making a few changes after this weekend's armed robbery.

"I am definitely going to start taking making sure that I have a name and try to get a last name if possible, a phone number and a city address," says Stephens. "I won't pick up anybody, I won't let my drivers pick up anybody from a pay phone or a corner or if they're walking down a street. I won't do that."

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