Yuma Shopper Line Up for Black Friday Deals

Yuma Shopper Line Up for Black Friday Deals


Yuma - By early Thursday afternoon, more than a dozen people were already lined up at the entrance to Best Buy, hoping to save hundreds of dollars on big ticket items like laptops, x-boxes and big, flat-screen televisions.

By nightfall, the line had grown ... and grown. People were braving the elements to get in on the best deals of the year. Among those in line were Ian and Sid Flint, brothers, looking for a few good deals. They heard about a deal on big-screen televisions.  Ian was also looking to score an $8 sandwich maker, so there are also good deals for those on tighter budgets.

Most people came prepared for the long wait with chairs, blankets, snacks and drinks.

Most stores, including best buy, will open their doors at midnight.

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