Black Friday deals satisfy most, but not all I.V. residents

Black Friday deals satisfy most, but not all I.V. residents

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IMPERIAL VALLEY - As competitive as Black Friday has become, we wanted to know if it replacing such an old tradition is truly worth a few good deals.

With several stores like Target, Walmart and Kmart, opening their doors on Thursday evening instead of the usual midnight, it was hard to believe that anyone actually enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner.

But are the door buster deals really worth canceling a tradition that is more 200 years old?

"Absolutely, yes", says Imperial Valley resident, Fernando Walther. "Think about it, I got two laptops at a great price. Dinner can wait until tomorrow. The family can get together tomorrow and enjoy each other's presence".

This was the scene at Best Buy. The line wrapped around the front entrance, around the side entrance and around the back entrance. Some customers here have been camped out in front of the store since Monday night.

I talked to a few of them. They tell me that they didn't mind doing this despite the holiday.

"It is a sacrifice to a certain extent", says Imperial Valley resident, Christian Autrique. "But the experience is pretty awesome. I got to spend Thanksgiving with some pretty cool people herePeople that I got to know in a span of two days. I had fun doing this and nothing can take that away from me".

Lupita Ortiz from El Centro had Thanksgiving dinner, just not the usual big gathering. She says that she admits that Black Friday does kind of cancel out Thanksgiving, but she couldn't ignore a good deal.

"Yes it is sacrifice but it's a day to come to target and get stuff on sale", she says. "It was well worth the 3 hour wait. We ate dinner real quick and headed over here. We got a real good deal on these televisions so yes, it was worth it".

The scene at Walmart was much of the same. Plenty of customers walking out with televisions and other appliances and not a single parking spot open. But not everybody came out satisfied

For two Walmart customers, the night was one to forget. They arrived at the counter just 15 minutes after the store opened and all 300 of the TVs were sold. A voucher was offered to them but they were so frustrated that they left.

Several customers at the Imperial Valley Mall also left empty handed as the crowds were just too much for them.

Another sign of tough competitiveness was the fact that a few stores will not be closing at their normal hours, instead closing at midnight, when Black Friday officially ends.

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