Mexicali hosts 4th Annual Geekfest Mexico

Mexicali hosts 4th Annual Geekfest Mexico

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MEXICALI - For the last 3 years, Geekfest Mexico has brought comic books, movies and video game fans together for 3 days of geek festivities. Well, this year was no different.

While ComicCon brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to San Diego every year, in Mexicali, the same can be said about Geekfest Mexico

Although hundreds of thousands might be a bit exaggerated, the annual event does bring out thousands of Mexico residents to the festival.

"Our main goal at Geekfest to reunite fans of art, fans of video games, & fans of gadgets and have them all in one room to share ideas and experiences", says Geekfest coordinator, Guillermo Luna-Plaza.

The 3-day event took place at Mexicali's Centro Estatal de Las Artes and featured visitors from The Imperial valley, Mexicali and even as far as Guadalajara.

Those that attended got to meet and talk to people that share their same passion.

The biggest attraction by far was the Cosplay. Participants dressed up as their favorite cartoon, movie, or comic book character.

"I think it's great", says Karla Bernal-Hernandez. "It is my first year dressing up and it took a lot of creativity and hard work. I think that it's a great hobby and a very healthy one. It is a way for us to express ourselves and what we are fans of".

The winner of the contest was chosen by the fans in attendance. She received a plaque from Geekfest and of course bragging rights for the next year.

Alejandra Estrella-Tiscareño says that she has seen the costume contest grow in the last 3 years.

"Seeing more people interested in this is truly satisfying, especially when you see people of all ages", she says. "Seeing young kids and seeing the older crowd dressed up is pretty amazing".

Businesses and vendors were able to set up booths at the event; everything from arts and crafts to t-shirts and stickers.

For the folks at La Sociedad de Los Bocetos Olvidados, it gives them an opportunity for people to get to know their art exhibition.

"It is very important for us to get known in this region, especially with this crowd", says Fedra Inez Matos Mendoza. "We want them to see our expression through art and illustration".

The event also featured several workshops, like this one in photography and lighting.

"The workshops here are great", he says. "Not only because they are free of charge but because a lot of times people are forced to attend classes that they don't want. This is here for those that really, really wanna be here".

Guillermo has seen his share of success stories in the 4 years that Geekfest has been around.

"Someone that knows how to draw but doesn't know how to write can meet someone here does know how to write. Also, someone that knows computer animation but doesn't know how to tell the story, well this venue gives them that opportunity to meet the other half".

One of the more visited areas was the video game room. There, a tournament was held on Sunday afternoon.

As Geekfest Mexico wrapped up, coordinators were already talking about next year's event, which will surely bring out even more visitors.

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