Online Shoppers Hit the Web with Cyber Monday Deals

Online Shoppers Hit the Web with Cyber Monday Deals


YUMA, AZ - With the click of the mouse Christa Irr, with her computer said no to long lines.  Still, she made out from the safe confines of her living room without having to deal with Black Friday chaos. So, what is the big deal about Cyber Monday? Christa tells News 13,  its like Black Friday, but probably even better because you don't have to wait in line you don't have to fight the crowds, you can just Google your way through everything and get better deals."

Christa is not alone in partaking in Cyber Monday. IBM Smart Commerce reports online sales at 500 of the top online retailers are already up 25-percent over the same time period last year when computer shoppers spent more than one billion dollars. However, when it comes to shopping online there are still red flag warnings to be aware of, do not give out your social security number. It's the difference between getting ripped off or in Christa's case - getting a great bargain and saving lots of money.  Christa says in total this Cyber Monday saved about $220, plus free shipping.

The method Christa used to online shopping, two computers. She says "I can put Wal-Mart on one screen and Amazon on another. So, I could have one order process and on the other I can just be looking for more sales."

Also keeping an eye out for you is the Better Business Bureau. They say one way to tell if you're surfing a website that is legit, look for a privacy policy that promises to protect your identity and personal information.  Janet Torricellas, the BBB's Director for Yuma County says "If they have the https right next to the URL it is basically securing all your personal information and their basically giving you their word they will keep it safe.

Again, when it comes to online shopping, buyer beware. The Better Business Bureau says there are a lot of web sites out there that are nothing but scams and many of them are really hard to detect. For a list of BBB approved web sites to shop from visit

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