City of Yuma launching pedestrian safety campaign

City of Yuma launching pedestrian safety campaign


Yuma, AZ- Three separate crashes involving vehicles hitting pedestrians happened in October, including one fatality.

Barbara Rivera knows just how dangerous it can be walking across a busy street when cars are zipping by.

"It came close, I was walking with my 3 children coming back from Del Sol market on 3rd Street and 4th Avenue and we were crossing in the cross walk and vehicles were just cutting in front of us turning and it scared me because I had my 2 year old with me," said Rivera.

We wanted to know what exactly the city is doing to safe-guard pedestrians like Rivera.

"One life is too much," said Martha Guzman with the City of Yuma.

Guzman says while there are no plans to make any improvements to cross walks, the city does plan to launch a marketing campaign to warn drivers that sharing the road also includes pedestrians.

"So whatever we can do to raise awareness to prevent anyone from getting hurt that's going to be our ultimate goal," said Guzman.

Mike Erfert with the Yuma Fire Departments says that while they don't investigate car crashes or accidents involving pedestrians, he's had to respond to several emergency calls.

He tells News 13 emergency crews are on board with this awareness campaign.

"When it's a car vs pedestrian, the pedestrian always loses. When you're a pedestrian you have the most to lose. So you have to be more cautions and watch were you cross and always use cross walks," said Erfert.

Police are currently gathering statistics on the number of pedestrian accidents so far this year and will use the information as part of the safety awareness campaign.

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