Volunteers send care packages overseas to Yuma based marines

Volunteers send care packages overseas to Yuma based marines


Yuma, AZ- Residents at the Coyote Ranch Park volunteer their time to stuff care packages to send to our troops in Afghanistan.

"There boxes contain candies, health and beauty aids, beef jerky, that's the number 1 seller," said Carol a volunteer.

All of these items are being boxed up carefully and are to be shipped off to soldiers.

"All the citizens in our nation need to appreciate the effort and time these young people put in to keep us safe," said Peggy Munger.

For volunteers like Peggy Munger these small packages are a big heart-felt way of showing she is thankful for soldiers and their sacrifices.

The volunteers have been collecting donations and sending boxes to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 for the last 6 years and they do it every single month.

"It's a big deal for the guys over seas. I know when I was in Korea that it was a big deal. We didn't have someone doing something like this. I had older sisters thank God. They would send me supplies like cookies, cake soap and all that kind of stuff we didn't have," said Bud Raskey a volunteer.

Cards and photos are hung throughout the club house. They were sent from soldiers overseas thanking everyone for what they do.

Volunteers tell news 13 they hope by sharing their story other communities and groups will get involved.

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