Yuma judge orders pit bull to be euthanized for attacking horse

Yuma judge orders pit bull to be euthanized for attacking horse

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Yuma--The brutal and deadly dog attack by the two pit bulls struck a chord with many people who came to know the horse named Spud.

Spud's owners said justice is now being served, as the fate of the two dogs has been decided.

The court room was full, many of them horse-owners from the area where the brutal attack happened.

After multiple testimonies and evidence of the attack was displayed, Judge Yolanda Torok of the Yuma County Justice Center decided the male pit bull was vicious.

She ordered the dog be put to sleep.

Both pit bulls are currently sheltered at the Humane Society of Yuma.

Yuma County Animal Control quarantined the pit bulls for public safety and for the safety of the animals.

State prosecutors said both animals are vicious and also attacked another horse back in March, but that horse was lucky to get away.

After multiple testimonies, the judge decided the fate of the male pit bull which was deemed as the primary aggressor.

"It is ordered that the animal be forfeited to the humane society to be humanely destroyed," Judge Torok said.

Charles Knowlton, Spud's caretaker, said he is content with the judge's ruling.

"Well I think that's a good thing and we have to wait on the female to see what judge says," he said. "but hopefully either euthanize it or go to a rescue place...hopefully it'll be euthanized."

The owner's defense attorney said he is unable to comment on the judge's ruling until the legal matter is closed.

Video released shows the aftermath of the pit bull attack earlier this month in Foothills in the 11-thousand block of Shadow Avenue.

The horse suffered puncture wound to its legs, stomach and mouth.

Yuma County Sheriff Deputies said the two pit bulls got out while the owner was helping his son who was stuck in the desert.

A vet had to euthanize the horse three hours later.

The fate of the female pit bull is yet to be decided.

Judge Torok said the decision is expected to made Wednesday.


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