Yuma judge sends pit bull to rescue group after horse attack

Yuma judge sends pit bull to rescue group after horse attack

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Yuma--A Yuma judge has ruled to let Mackenzie, a female pit bull dog to live after all.

The female dog is one of two pit bulls that brutally attacked and mauled to death a Yuma show horse named "Spud".

Like Pano, Judge Yolanda Torok determined Mackenzie vicious.

However, Mackenzie was ordered to be sent to a pit bull rescue organization for the rest of her life.

The female dog will never become a pet again.

Testimony inside the courtroom Tuesday afternoon to save the pit bulls became pretty intense.

"The look in his eye is like help me," Charles Knowlton, Spud's caretaker said.

Knowlton retells the story when Spud the horse was mauled to death by Mackenzie and her male pit bull companion named Pano.

About 30 people packed the courtroom---to learn of the dog's fate.

"They do not want Mackenzie returned to their neighborhood because they do have a great concern regarding her behavior," Theresa Fox, deputy county attorney said.

During the vicious dog hearing, defense attorney Mike Smith argued for Judge Yolanda Torok to spare Mackenzie's life.

He said a bloodied Pano was seen viciously attacking Spud but not Mackenzie.

State prosecutors even asked Judge Torok to turn Mackenzie over to a pit bull rescue organization to try to rehabilitate her.

But they also argued, if it wasn't done in 10 calendar days, Mackenzie should be euthanized.

Shawn Smith, executive director of the Humane Society of Yuma agreed they would not put her up for adoption.

"A rescue that's really the only option," Smith said. "A rescue that's fully aware of the circumstance with the dogs....so full disclosure."

Both pit bulls, Mackenzie and Pano have been under quarantine at HSOY since the attack happened.

Mackenzie has 15 calendar days to be placed with a rescue group but if she isn't she will then be put to sleep.

HSOY said Pano has not been euthanized.

They'll put him to sleep, the moment they receive a hard copy of the court order.

Judge Torok has also ordered the owners to pay for all pound fees and other costs.


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