Powerball Jackpot: Did You Win?

Powerball Jackpot: Did You Win?


YUMA - Powerball mania swept through Yuma today, as people lined up to get their chance at more than half-a-billion dollars.

Tonight's record-setting Powerball jackpot was estimated to be worth at least $550 million.

The line to buy tickets twisted and turned through the AM-PM convenience store at West 16th Street and Redondo Center Drive. People were spending any where from two dollars to $200 and more.

They came from all parts of California and Nevada: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Brawley, Imperial and many from San Diego.

We asked people what they would do if they won. Answers ranged from quitting their jobs and retiring, to helping friends and relatives pay off bills and mortgages.

The odds of hitting the winning combination of numbers is one in 175 million.

Taking the cash option would net a single winner more than $360 million before taxes. Jackpot winners can also take annual payments over a 30 year period.

Tonight's winning numbers are 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the Powerball number is 6.

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