Two pit bulls who mauled a Yuma show horse euthanized

Two pit bulls who mauled a Yuma show horse euthanized

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Yuma--The owners of the two pit bulls that brutally attacked and mauled to death the show horse named Spud have ordered the female dog named Mackenzie to be euthanized.

The Humane Society of Yuma said it called every pit bull rescue group in the area but no one wanted to take in Mackenzie.

"This tragedy didn't have to happen," Cookie Wagtner, development director for the Humane Society of Yuma said.

When it was time to put Mackenzie and Pano down plenty of tears began to flow she said.

"They took them out to the play yard and play with them," she said. "They took pictures with their family pet and the children were there."

Earlier this week, Judge Yolanda Torok determined both Mackenzie and Pano to be "vicious" dogs.

Judge Torok ordered Pano to be euthanized but spared Mackenzie's life.

Instead, she ordered the female pit bull to be sent to a rescue organization.

On Friday, the humane society tells KSWT News 13 no one would take her in.

That's when the owners of Mackenzie ran out of options and ordered the dog to be put to sleep, along with Pano.

"It's a family pet, regardless of the circumstances that happened...just as the horse was a family pet," she said.

"The ones that lose the most are the horse and the dogs," she said.

Spud's owners said the ending to this story is sad for everyone involved, especially the animals.


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