Yuma Business Owner Armed for Safety

Yuma Business Owner Armed for Safety


YUMA – Yuma has seen two armed robberies in a span of three days.  Yuma police say the holidays seem to bring out more criminals. But one local business owner is taking a different approach to security.

He's packing heat.

While it's not in keeping with standard recommendations of law enforcement or the vast majority of corporate America, he says it works for him.

Ronnie Rubino owns a local pizza parlor. "It's kinda scary in a sense. You never know when something like that's gonna happen," says Rubino about armed robbery.

We asked Ronnie Rubino what employees should do when faced with an armed robber. It's not a response you're likely to hear from McDonald's or Domino's.

"When you have a concealed weapons course, you're not exactly helpless," says Mr. Rubino.

Rubino says several of his employees do have permits.

"It's always good to have a few extra buddies hanging around like Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson or even Mr. Ruger," says Rubino.

Of course, law enforcement agencies and a vast majority of companies recommend employees immediately surrender the cash and avoid any confrontation with armed thieves.

But people shouldn't confuse Mr. Rubino's proactive approach to security with a lack of concern for the people who work for him.

"I'm responsible for them, not just to give them a job and make sure they have their paychecks, but I'm responsible for their safety."

Mr. Rubino says he doesn't do anything differently during the holidays for security that he doesn't do any other day of the year.

He also stressed that one of the most important things people learn at conceal and carry certification classes is how not to use a gun.

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