Yuma Border patrol agent arrested for marijuana smuggling

Yuma Border patrol agent arrested for marijuana smuggling

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Yuma--A Yuma sector Border Patrol agent is arrested for smuggling pot across the U.S. Mexico border.

Fellow agents busted him with bundles of marijuana inside of his border patrol truck. A surveillance plane captured it all camera.

According to this federal complaint, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Aaron Anaya loaded up his patrol truck with bundles of marijuana after three Mexican nationals tossed them over the fence to him.

Agents assigned to the Southwest Border Corruption Task Force were conducting aerial surveillance near milepost 192, between Yuma and Wellton.

The complaint states Anaya, assigned to the Wellton station, pulled up to the border fence to meet three people.

One person then climbed up the fence and threw three large bundles onto the U.S. side. The FBI said Anaya loaded the bundles into his patrol truck .

A short time later agents arrested Anaya. They found nearly 147 pounds of marijuana stashed in the back of his truck.

Anaya faces charges for drug smuggling. Authorities said when asked if he was willing to speak to them without an attorney present, Anaya said "I'm (expletive) you guys got me on video."

Yuma sector chief patrol agent Stephen S. Martin released a statement:

"While I am sorely disappointed by the alleged conduct of one of our own. I appreciate the efforts by our law enforcement partners and our own agents to uncover those that violate their oath of office and hold them accountable for their actions. The U.S. Border Patrol will fully cooperate with the investigation."

Anaya is expected to appear in court this week in Phoenix.




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