Yuma Resident Proposes Cost Effective Recycling Program

Yuma Resident Proposes Cost Effective Recycling Program


YUMA, AZ, - Every week  the city picks up garbage, and inside each bin residents throw away many items can be recycled.

Todd Mattern, who owns a disposal company claims the city could make more than $250,000 if it implemented a curb-side recycling program. Mattern says he's not looking to gain any type of profit in a curb-side recycling program. He tells News 13, "My company doesn't do any recycling for residential use."

Mattern says his curb-side recycling proposal would not cost the city a single dollar. In fact he says the city could profit by paying prisoners 50 cents an hour to sort through the trash, pick out garbage, and then sell plastics, cardboard's and other recyclable material. Mattern says "I feel if the city does their own recycling collecting there is a lot more profit in it for them instead of paying another service to take recyclables out."

However, if it's really that easy we wanted to know why the city has yet to adopt a similar recycling program. City council member Cody Beeson admits having a recycling program would benefit tax payers and not cost them money. He tells News 13, "We'll see something happen in the next 90 top 100 days."

Yuma is the third largest city in Arizona without a recycling program. City council is meeting Tuesday night to further discuss adopting curbside recycling, but again there is no guarantee that it will happen. Ultimately it needs to still be voted on by the majority of council members.



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