Heber residents concerned with accused murderer being on the run

Heber residents concerned with accused murderer being on the run

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HEBER - Some residents in Heber remain on edge.

24-year old Jorge Cazares, wanted for murdering a man in Blythe over the weekend, is still on the run. Police believe that he may hiding in Heber, if he hasn't crossed the border already. 

Residents in Heber say that news that an accused murderer may be hiding out somewhere in a Heber neighborhood, is somewhat shocking… everyone, in this mostly quiet city, knows everyone.

Police believe that 24-year old Jorge Cazares is armed and dangerous.

He's wanted for murdering Terrence Hughes in Blythe Saturday evening.

But the Imperial County Sheriff's Office says that he may be hiding out in Heber because he has a house there.

Salvador Sanchez has a 12 year-old daughter. He says that for the safety of his family, he will be on higher alert.

"It worries me a lot", he says. "I'm gonna keep my eye out for this person and I hope we catch this guy. Heber is a safe place to be but now this came out, makes you worry".

Police say that Cazares has not been seen since the shooting.

Investigators are not revealing much information, but have verified that drugs are involved.  

The situation has many in Heber concerned.

"Of course it should worry me and any other resident here in Heber, knowing that that happened", says Heber resident Carlos Soto. "Worried for me, my family, our customers for somebody being here with law enforcement looking for him".

John Luke says that Cazares is a threat to his community because of his recent actions.

"If he's done it once, there's nothing from stopping him from doing it again", he says.

Salvador hopes that the situation gets resolves soon.

"He can be here lurking and it's just scary to know that people like that re out there running around free. I think they should be put away".

Once again, detectives from, both The Imperial County Sheriff's Office and Blythe Police Department, say Cazares is considered armed and dangerous. They say that if you see Cazares, do not approach him, instead call police immediately.

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