Why the hold up on Yuma's curb-side recycling? Money

Why the hold up on Yuma's curb-side recycling? Money


YUMA, AZ  - Esther Daigneault wants the city to implement curb-side recycling. She says "I think it should be at the front door versus having to lug my kids to the recycling drop off all the time."

Esther is not alone. Donald Whaley wants the same, but like so many other tax payers, he doesn't want to have to pay more than the $5 garbage pick fee he already pays.  He says "If they're going to cut my garbage service they should cut my fee."

City officials tell News 13 implementing the program will cost more than one million to buy $21,000. So far, Allied Waste has agreed to pay this cost. As a result the city estimate it could save $174,000 part of it in landfill tipping fees

Still, we asked City Councilman Cody Beeson why it is taking so long to ink a deal. He says, "It's really timing and now we have people willing to do the containers. That million dollars is the biggest hurdle."

Now, once an agreement is reached the city will present the proposal to give you the taxpayer a chance to voice your opinion. The proposal will then go before the council for a final vote. As for the deadline to get the deal done, city officials say there is no timeline.


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