"Trust" a psychological factor when one border agent goes bad

"Trust" a psychological factor when one border agent goes bad


Yuma, AZ- Some Yuma residents are feeling betrayed after Border Patrol Agent Anaya was caught smuggling drugs. It happened Sunday morning and the FBI caught it all on tape.

Today Agent Anaya made his first appearance in a Federal court.

Psychologist Rod Nelson. We should note, he does not have any ties to Anaya's case but Dr. Nelson says in general any time a good agent turns into a bad agent and gets busted for a crime like smuggling drugs "trust" could become an issue amongst other agents.

"I think it's going to be real hard on fellow border patrol agents," said Dr. Nelson.

Dr.Nelson has worked with law enforcement officers for 30 years. He says agent Aaron Anaya's drug arrest could definitely have a psychological affect on other agents.

"Are you worried about our protection, are you worried about your own protection and the individuals that you're moving the drugs for. That's the biggest damage that happened. They will need to check themselves on who they are and the people they are working with," said Dr.Nelson.

Agent Anaya was busted on Sunday evening. According to a federal complaint, Anaya an agent assigned to the Wellton station loaded up several bundles of marijuana into his patrol truck.

Three men dropped nearly 150 pounds worth over the fence from Mexico.

We wanted to know what could drive an agent or someone sworn to safe-guard our border from drug smugglers to flip a switch and join the wrong side of the law.

"When people are working those types of jobs they can almost become desensitize to what should or should not be going on and sometimes you see it so much and think well everyone else is doing it. So it can be slippage of the mindset of authority enforcement," said Dr.Nelson.

We did reach out to the Yuma Border Patrol Sector today but they were unable to comment on the issue or give us any reaction to Anaya's arrest.

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