Are Americans being denied farm jobs?

Are Americans being denied farm jobs?


Yuma, AZ- Some KSWT News 13 followers have posted on our Facebook page making claims farmers in the Desert Southwest will not hire them.

The reason?

They say it's the color of their skin.

"I don't think white people apply," says Lisa Lott- her family owns several local farms. Lott says if Americans applied they'd be hired. "I don't think they are able to do it because they don't want to work so hard," said Lott.

But according to some KSWT News 13 viewers who posted comments on Facebook they claim farmers won't hire them because of their skin color.

We went to CITA to find out if it denies jobs to non-hispanics. The non-profit helps farmers find workers. CITA denies it turns away workers due to race.

"We actually recruit domestic workers, no person should be brought into this country to work unless there's a documented shortage of workers," said Duron.

Still the question remains are americans willing to do the same work as mexican immigrants. Robert Rodewalld says no.

"I picked green beans, it was so physically laboring, I did it for one day and didn't go back for another."

Cita says they try to recruit farm labor workers at job fairs and they say their doors are open to anyone who is looking for work in the fields.

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