Yuma animals get moved to new shelter

Yuma animals get moved to new shelter


Yuma, AZ- Volunteers were hard at work putting cats and dogs in their new kennels. Over 200 furry critters will now be enjoying the extra space and new amenities the old shelter didn't have.

"I think they are super excited about it, they're all barking and carrying on. They have to be happier then where they were," said Annette Laguna with HSOY.

The new shelter located at 4050 S Avenue 4-1/2 E in Yuma has much larger kennels that have indoor/outdoor access and a large play room for the cats to stretch out in.

Lagunas says the new building is about 6 times larger than the old one.

She says with a bigger facility also comes a bigger financial responsibility.

"This is a very large facility, but previously we were running 2 facilities instead of one. We are under one roof now. We have great supporters out there and some awesome staff who are applying for grants and I think the community is going to step in an help us too," said Laguna.

As for their plan to reduce the unwanted pet population they will continue to educate the community about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

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