Jenni Rivera confirmed dead:Yuma fans react

Jenni Rivera confirmed dead:Yuma fans react


Yuma, AZ- Cuando Muere una Dama- means when a lady dies, it's a song by Jenni Rivera.

"You start crying when you here this song," says Jose vasquez- also known as "el pepeton".

He is the morning DJ for a Yuma Spanish station called Radio Amigo 99.5.

El Pepeton says the phone lines have been ringing off the hook with devoted fans asking him to play Rivera's song.

"In the song she is telling people what to do when she dies, people just still don't believe she's gone," says Pepeton.

In the lyrics Jenni Rivera asks her fans not to cry but instead remember her smile and celebrate her life.

Despite her wishes her fans are having a hard time holding back their tears and their heart-felt emotions.

"There are a lot of people in the U.S. and in Mexico and the whole Latin America who are sad," says Pepeton.

Born to Mexican immigrants in long beach California, Rivera became a Mexican-American icon who's music crossed all barriers.

She sold 15-million records and in October won artist of the year at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards.

"She helped a lot of people and she had a lot of problems you know," says Pepeton.

He says people could relate to the issues she struggled with, which were often expressed in her songs.

Themes of social issues, infidelity, and relationships.

During the interview El Pepeton also compared La Diva de la Banda to Selena. Selena was a Mexican/American music star murdered in 1995, her death also had a wide impact amongst fans.

El Pepeton says Rivera will be missed but her name will live on through her fans.

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