Four Robberies in Less Than Two Weeks in Yuma

Four Robberies in Less Than Two Weeks in Yuma

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YUMA, AZ – Four robberies in less than two weeks and several of them still unsolved by police.

The robbers are using guns and knives to make their demands. KSWT News 13 is asking what is triggering people to commit these crimes. Dr. Rod Nelson who has over 30 years in Psychotherapy says "You need to know what was going on in the person's life 72 hours prior to the incident if you really want to know what actually drove the person."

We may never know what caused the man on Tuesday to walk into the Mohave State Bank in Yuma and slip a note to the teller demanding money. However, Dr. Nelson says the only real way of knowing is to find out what is going on inside the persons mind mentally. He says "Do I think there is some kind of flaw or deficiency or disorder the person is suffering from that could be, but more than likely it's not.

Although criminals' actions can vary one thing is for certain. There is a difference between Tuesday's empty-handed Mohave State Bank robber and an armed robber. He says, "I think the person who comes in with out anything really doesn't want to do any harm to himself or anybody else." As for the person who walks in with a mask and a gun like the guy at Dominos on 4th Avenue a week and a half ago or the two men who attempted to rob McDonald's with a knife just two days later. Dr. Nelson says "I think there is more aggression behind that, more intent and malice. The Person with a gun and mask I think I would worry about."

Another factor is the holidays. Dr Nelson says the holidays definitely cause added pressure, but more than anything criminals see it as an opportunity. He says, "This is the time of year when people know people have lots of stuff. People carry more cash at this time than before. So there is an attitude that maybe since it's so available lets see if I can get some."


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