Anthony Sanchez back in court: Still no trial date set

Anthony Sanchez back in court: Still no trial date set


El Centro, CA- Anthony Sanchez his attorney and the prosecutor went before Judge Christopher Plourd for a pre-trial hearing.

Sanchez asked Childers to waive his rights to a speedy trial.

Attorney's then went behind closed doors to discuss options on reaching a plea deal, in part to avoid a jury trial.

"There are some discussions going on about potentially resolving this case," said Childers.

Right now, Sanchez is facing a felony charge for child abuse. If convicted he could face 6 years in prison.

The evidence against him is a video posted on youtube by a neighbor. The video shows Sanchez whipping his stepson with a belt every time he dropped the ball.

"He was a public figure with no criminal convictions. He's cooperated since this investigation started. At the end of the day he's a good person and the video doesn't reflect everything about who he is," said Childers.

We asked Childers why he continues to file motions to delay the trial.

"It's not uncommon in criminal cases, there's a lot going on both sides. It's not unusual to have delays like this. Neither side is objecting to the delays. Both feel more time is necessary.

Judge Plourd scheduled another pre-trial for next month. That means a plea deal could be reached by then.

As for Sanchez's step-son? We wanted to know if Sanchez continues to have contact with the boy and if he and his stepson still lives in the same house. Childers told me that information is confidential.

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