Missing Arizona leukemia girl found safe in Mexico

Missing Arizona leukemia girl found safe in Mexico

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Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico--KSWT News 13 has located the missing 11-year old girl with leukemia who disappeared from the Phoenix Children's Hospital last month.

We found Emily Bracamontes and her mother, Norma, living right across the border in San Luis Rio Colorado.

KSWT News 13 met with Emily at her doctors office in Los Algodones, Mexico, where she is now receiving chemotherapy to treat her leukemia.

Her mother Norma, tells KSWT News she did what she had to do to save her daughter's life.

That's why she said she took Emily from the Phoenix Hospital without permission.

Emily was receiving chemotherapy when she got an infection that forced the doctors to amputate her right arm.

In an exclusive interview, Emily said she, too, is very angry at her former doctors.

Her mother Norma said despite her daughter losing her right arm, she is thankful she's still alive.

"It hurt me so much," Norma Brancamontes said.

Brancamontes said as a mother, it was too heart-wrenching to see her own child, 11-year old Emily suffering in constant pain and crying non-stop.

"They were so cruel and cold," she said.

She accuses doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital of being negligent.

"They amputated her little arm," she said.

She said they caused more trauma to Emily when an infection caused by her catheter forced her doctors to amputate her right arm.

"As a mother, its difficult for me to accept," she said.

Bracamontes said as a mother she could not accept her daughter dying.

That's when she took Emily out of the hospital without permission.

Hospital surveillance cameras captured them walking out on November 28th.

Police then began searching for Norma because hospital officials feared Emily would die without her treatment.

But as KSWT News 13 has discovered Emily is safe and living in San Luis Rio Colorado.

Emily claims the treatment she's receiving from Doctor Jose Luis Diaz Barboza is making her feel better. 

"I think its ok cause I'm feeling much better here than over there," she said.

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