YUHSD Aims to Avoid Future Hall Pass Chaos

YUHSD Aims to Avoid Future Hall Pass Chaos


YUMA – The day after San Luis High School went on lockdown, Yuma Union High School administrators are taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Acceptable hall passes in Yuma Union High School District look are made of paper.

None of them look like guns.

That's what happened Wednesday morning at San Luis High School.

A student mistook another student's hall pass for a gun.

The student wasn't carrying an authorized paper hall; they were carrying an improvised classroom item. It looked enough like a gun to put the school on lockdown and bring San Luis police. For an hour or so, there were a lot of frightened parents, teachers and students. 

Now Yuma Union High School administrators are taking steps to keep it from happening again.

Faith Klostreich is the principal at Yuma High School.

"A hall pass is something that gives a student credibility for being outside of the class during class time," explains Klostreich.

The fact that a San Luis teacher issued an improvised hall pass to a student that resembled a gun will be the topic of an upcoming staff meeting.

"Next week we have a faculty meeting on Monday we'll see all the teachers. It will be a reminder that this is what's acceptable, this is what we use, here's an example of what could happen," Says Klostreich.

The district doesn't want another false alarm caused by someone mistaking a hall pass for a gun. Not nipping the practice in the bud could have catastrophic consequences. Just turn it around. Imagine what would happen if someone carrying a gun on campus was mistaken for someone carrying a hall pass.

"We want our teachers and our students to continue to use the passes that we provide for them, because it's how we know that it's been issued by a teacher," says Klostreich.

It's also how they know a hall pass won't be mistaken for anything that will frighten parents, students and faculty ... And bring the local police running.

Again, Principal Klostreich will be meeting with her staff on Monday to address the issue, and make sure teachers have access to District authorized hall passes. It's a measure likely to be across the Yuma Union High School District.

No one wants to have an unnecessary scare like this again.

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