Yuma psychologist on how CT parents should help kids cope

Yuma psychologist on how CT parents should help kids cope


Yuma, AZ- These traumatic images of young students crying and looking frightened, is why many parents will need to talk to their kids about Friday's tragedy.

"It's important for parents to understand as children mature they have different ways of understanding," said Dr. Ashley Hart a Yuma Psychologist.

Doctor hart a Yuma Psychologist says some children will be deeply affected and possibly suffer from nightmares.

While others may not fully grasp or understand the reality of why they will never see some of their friends again.

"Most children until their between 6-8 years old don't really think in terms of cause and effect," said Dr.Hart.

He say age plays a large role on how children will react. He says children under the age of 6 may not understand what happened and there is no reason to explain it to them.

"There's no need for them to have an uncomfortable traumatic memory or images burned into their souls at such a young age," said Dr. Hart.

but for children who are 6 years and older he says they will need extra support.

"They have the ability to reason in terms of cause and effect and unfortunately some of their first conclusions could be is we live in a very frightening world. That's important for parents to understand and then to reassure to them how safe their world actually is," said Dr. Hart.

There are several mental health agencies providing free emergency counseling to the children, parents, staff and community members involved with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy.

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