Locals speak out on gun laws after CT shooting

Locals speak out on gun laws after CT shooting


Yuma, AZ- The horrific massacre that took the lives of so many innocent children and people in Newtown, Connecticut has once again stirred up a national debate about our current gun laws.

Several politicians have already openly put pressure on the president to put restrictions on current gun laws and to ban the sale of assault riffles.

We talked to people here in the Desert Southwest to find out their thoughts on gun laws. Everyone we talked to agreed the Second Amendment should stand as it is.

While they all said they are in support of people having the right to bear arms, almost everyone did say gun laws should become much stricter. Most also said people should not be able to purchase semi-automatic weapons similar to the ones our soldiers use in war.

"I don't believe there is any room for assault weapons in the united states, what do you need an assault weapon for? Most hunters don't use assault weapons to go kill a deer," said Peter Moss.

"Certain guns should be allowed and some shouldn't be, especially in that case things could have possibly been prevented if the gunman had to trigger off each round," said Johnathon Solorzano.

"For guns I think I would like to have one in my house for my own protection, but assault riffles, no there's no reason why anyone should own one," said Larue Nelson.

News 13 also spoke to other people off camera and two others said they were in full support of our gun laws and they didn't think any changes needed to be made.

One man said bad people will always find ways to do bad things, with or without guns.


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