Should assault rifles be banned? Yuma Gun shop owner says no

Should assault rifles be banned? Yuma Gun shop owner says no

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Yuma, AZ- AK 47's and Bushmasters all for sale at a local gun store near you.

These rifles are similar to what the gunman used in Newtown, Connecticut to kill 26 people, including 20 children all of them six and seven year olds.

"I just think the whole country is in a big funk right now," says Richard Sprague, the owner of Sprague's Sports.

After Friday's shooting massacre, President Obama and several democratic lawmakers are now calling for a ban on assault rifles.

Sprague is against stricter gun laws.

-If gun laws shouldn't be changed, what's the solution to the problem?

Richard Sprague- "I think it's public awareness, knowing who is around us and how they are doing and what they have access to. Guns need to be locked up," said Sprague.

Sprague says in the case of the Connecticut shooting massacre, the gunman's mother purchased them legally. But he says the bigger issue is to make sure these same guns do not get in the hands of people who are not mentally stable.

-So do you think these types of weapons be out of the streets for anyone to buy?

Richard Sprague- "That's how our country was founded. We fought with a lot of bloodshed for our freedoms in this country and what was the military rifle of that day evolved into what we have today," said Sprague.

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