Stem cells from umbilical cord could cure leukemia girl

Stem cells from umbilical cord could cure leukemia girl

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Los Algodones, Mexico--According to Dr. Jose Luis Diaz barboza he is no longer fighting Emily Bracamontes cancer with chemotherapy.

He is administering growth factors to help increase her blood cell count. But saving Emily's life could come down to giving birth to new life.

"I am anxious to see if this baby will be compatible," Norma Bracamontes, Emily's mother said.

Norma is 7 months pregnant.

She said she's anxious to give birth to find out if newborn will provide matching stem cells to help save Emily's life.

"I ove my daughter so much, I would do anything for her," she said.

Dr. Diaz said there's a 50-50 chance, the newborn's umbilical stem cells will match Emily's.

"Still that's a good question....still thats a good question," Diaz said. " I hope she can respond really well to the treatment."

For now Diaz is fighting Emily's cancer by administering growth factors to increase her blood cell count.

So far he said it's taking the place of chemotherapy and keeping her cancer from spreading.

"Sshe respond really well and the plateletes were almost normal," he said.

Emily claims she's feeling much better and is hopeful the altrnative treatment will help cure her cancer.

Norma is due to give birth in February.

As soon as the baby is born, the blood will be drawn from the umbilical cord and saved for testing.

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