Bullet-proof Backpacks in School?

Bullet-proof Backpacks in School?


It's all about fear.

In the days since the Sandy Hook shooting, coast-to-coast, people are desperately grasping for answers, trying to cope with their fears.

Take a look at the picture with this story. These are bullet-proof backpacks. For the younger kids, Disney princesses or the Avengers are available. Something more traditional is offered for older teens. These are flying off the shelves at $300 a pop. Sales have more than tripled since Friday's shooting massacre.

But how can parents convince their children they are safe by sending them to school with bullet-proof protection? How do all of us handle the fear?

If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, then these days it would seem, there's a lot to be afraid of. In the five days since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, we have seen a number of actions and reactions, as fear born in a small, Connecticut community quickly spread across the nation.

Sales of semi-automatic assault weapons have sky-rocketed in the wake of the tragedy, as gun enthusiasts fear another ban on the popular firearms.

Democrats are suggesting just that, as the president is asking Congress for ideas to deal with gun violence, fearing the repercussions of failing to act.

Republicans are speaking out in favor of arming school teachers in the classroom, fearing the political backlash of Friday's shooting on gun control attitudes.

With each reaction to fear, new fears are born.

The company that sells bullet-proof backpacks for kids also sells the rapid armor deployment pack for less than $300. It includes a gun.

Fear is a powerful emotion.

On Monday, an 11-year-old boy took a gun and ammunition to his school in Utah.

A school spokesman says the 6th grader suggested his parents gave him the gun and ammo to protect himself in case a shooting spree, like the one at Sandy Hook, happened at his school. One little girl said the boy pointed the gun at her head and told her he was going to kill her.

Now she knows fear too.

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