Former Yuma teacher sentenced to five years in prison

Former Yuma teacher sentenced to five years in prison


YUMA, AZ - The former Yuma High School teacher who plead guilty to two sexual exploitation of a minor charges has been sentenced.

Michael Cox only got five years because court documents show he avoided a jury trial by entering a plea agreement in October.

Police arrested Cox in early August.

The Yuma District Attorney then charged him with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Cox then pleaded guilty to two of those charges.

Some parents we talked to say they're relieved Cox is in prison and no longer around children.

"They should give him more than five years, that's not good," said one Yuma mother.

Like all parents, Michael Cox is not wanted anywhere around children.

KSWT News 13 got a copy of the original police report to find out the exact details on what led to his conviction on child pornography charges and the sentencing that'll keep him locked up for the next five years.

According to the Yuma Police report, the former physical education teacher and athletic trainer admitted to investigators he was sexually attracted to children and that he masturbated to the pictures illegally found on his computer.

Cox, who spent 14 years teaching at Yuma High School, also told investigators; illegally searching the internet for child porn is something he's been doing for over 28-years.

The police report and his sentencing does not include charges for sexually abusing a child.  

Other parents we spoke to say they're also relieved Cox is behind bars where he can not harm children -

But they say five years is not enough.  

"I think it's ridiculous, I think he should have gotten way more than that. He's going to be out in five years and then who knows what he's capable of doing when he gets out," said Raquel Escalante.

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