Yumans react to NRA’s response to school safety

Yumans react to NRA’s response to school safety


YUMA, AZ - "I believe it'll probably create anxiety with the kids," said Bianca Bailey.

Bailey is a mother of a six year old girl and says schools needs security guards but not necessarily armed security guards. She says by doing so, the dynamic of kids' education experience would change.    

But not everyone agrees.

"The kids in Israel aren't scared. Every kid in Israel goes to school and if they go out on a field trip, the chaperons have automatic weapons right over their shoulders," said Louis Knutson.

While the nation is trying to figure out how to prevent and stop senseless acts of violence, some are providing solutions that don't involve weapons on school grounds.

"When I went to high school we had drug dogs that went up and down and sniffed the lockers, metal detectors. It was like going in an airport," said Sean Murphy.

He also says it sets a horrible example. And although a Yuma gun rights advocate agrees, Tom Kiley blames violent video games for creating a violent culture.

"They see that by pushing a button through all these games that they are playing on TV these days and get out of such a situation, if they're a good shot themselves, I'm not sure what kind of message that sends either. It's a real conundrum."

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