Crossroads Mission fed thousands on Christmas

Crossroads Mission fed thousands on Christmas

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YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - This holiday season the Crossroads Mission of Yuma served thousands of meals to low-income families.

Many of them are former drug addicts whose lives were destroyed by addictions.

But some have found a purpose at the mission and are helping others to fight the same battle they did.

"I overdosed and was dumped in a ditch," said Claudia Lugo.

Lugo recalls the painful moment when she struggled with depression, and addictions to heroin, methamphetamines and alcohol.

She tells KSWT News 13 of the moment she realized she desperately needed help.

"I wanted to stop the pain and I didn't want to fight anymore.," she said. "I wanted peace and serenity and I found that here at Crossroads Mission."

Lugo joined the Crossroads Mission of Yuma on October 2005 and has been sober since then.

As a former drug addict, she helps others fight the same battle she did when they walk through the missions doors.

"If I can do it, they can. I was a heroin addict, I'd stick needles in my arms and even if I found needles in trash cans I would use those," she said.

One woman, who came out to enjoy a hot meal and celebrate the Crossroads Mission, 3-days of Christmas, said she is grateful for being with her family this year.

"It was all fun for me at the time. I came to realize this ain't the way you live and I came over her and went through the program," Ruth Davis said.

Davis said the mission saved her life and helps her keep sober.

The Crossroads Mission estimates 5,000 meals will be served during the three days of Christmas.

"We survive on donations, for the community to keep us working and helping others," Lugo said. "We need donations."


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