Yuma veterinarian confirms that dogs cannot get AIDS


Yuma veterinarian confirms that dogs cannot get AIDS

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Yuma--KSWT wanted to learn more about Murdock's disease, so we went to a local veterinarian, one who is not associated with treating Murdock to get answers.

Doctor Ann Carvell, a veterinarian at the Humane Society of Yuma has also confirmed to KSWT News 13, dogs can not get AIDS.

Carvell also tells KSWT News 13, the human aids virus or HIV cannot be transmitted to dogs, cats or any other animal.

But she said, dogs can be diagnosed with auto immune disorders or deficiencies.

"That one can be seen in certain breeds but basically what it is when the immune system attacks the red blood cells and basically destroys them," Carvell said. " So they end up with a very severe anemia or a very low blood count."

Doctor Carvell also said there are other types of auto-immune disorders dogs can suffer from.

"Basically the same thing in which the immune system attacks platelets and basically causes pronounced internal bleeding, you see a lot of bruising and it can be fatal," she said.

Carvell said this auto immune disorder in dogs is usually hereditary and its not something that can be transmitted.

However it is a disease that can be deadly.

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