Yuma Pastor Speaks out about Body Found on Church Property


Yuma Pastor Speaks out about Body Found on Church Property

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YUMA, AZ - An update on the gruesome discovery of a man found dead outside the First United Methodist Church over the weekend.

Right now, police are investigating this as a murder and are not releasing too many details, but church leaders say the one question they are left answering is letting parishioners know it is safe to attend church there. 

Associate Pastor Jon Flint tells KSWT News 13, "We're shocked this is one of god's people and he's dead, that's sad." Flint says a parishioner discovered the body of a dead man at about 9:30 Saturday morning. The body was lying right at the bottom of the stairs outside the church. He says, "She's a retired nurse so it was not uncomfortable for her to see a dead body. She was taken back and immediately called 911."

Flint says Saturdays are normally quiet. He says the church feeds the homeless, but that takes place every Wednesday. Yuma police have not identified the victim. However, Flint says the church has reason to believe the victim was homeless. He says "We presume he was, he was found lying on a sleeping bag in the area he was in so we presume he was there to sleep for the night. He also says, "We're not concerned for our safety here we do not sense we are in an unsafe area it's one of those unpleasant things that just happens and it's the reality's of and imperfect world."

Meanwhile, on Monday police continue to investigate this unsolved murder case. Flint wants to reassure parishioners the church remains a safe place to come and pray. He says, "Our pastor spoke yesterday at worship about it and just told them what had gone on as best as we could with as little that we know and people seemed comfortable we are trying to ensure we're safe and everything is secure."

Again, Yuma police are not releasing much information about this case.  However they tell us they believe this murder is an isolated case. KSWT will bring you the latest as new information become available.

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