Mother worried over kidnapping attempt


Mother worried over kidnapping attempt


YUMA, AZ - The Yuma County Sheriff's Office is warning about stranger danger. Deputies are looking for a man who tried to snatch a 6-year old girl from the tight grip of her 17-year old sister.

They only have a vague description of the attacker. But they say he has one distinct feature that could help you identify him. He has a tattoo of possibly a bird or a bat on his left arm just above or below the elbow on the inside of his forearm.

Deputies say he's a white man with blue eyes and blonde hair. He's between 5'10" – 6'1" tall and weighs between 175 and 200 pounds. He's in his 20's or 30's.

They say they want to catch him before he tries to kidnap another child.

Meanwhile, we spoke to one mom who say's she is worried a man would try to take a child so close to her home.

"I was in shock," said Marisela Morales, a concerned mother.

She says she is angry, shocked, and worried because her peace of mind has been taken from her. Now, she's worried a child predator is also walking down the same streets.

YCSO tells KSWT News 13 a man walked up to a 6-year old and tried to snatch her from the arms of her 17-year old sister.  

Deputies say the teenager hit the attacker in the face with a set of keys. They say had she not fought off the man, he probably would have taken the little girl with him.

"The sister acted the best way that she could," said Roxanne Meyer, spokesperson for YCSO. "Without the older sister being there the outcome could have been very different, possibly worse. We may not know where the 6-year-old is at this time," she said.

This attempted kidnapping happened Monday evening just before 6pm on the busy intersection of 8th street and May Avenue

Deputies say this fact alone speaks to how bold this child predator acted in trying to kidnap this little girl. 

"If you are a victim of kidnapping just scream, yell to get anyone's attention and the faster that is out there, the quicker you can receive help," said Meyer.

It's a stranger danger lesson Morales says she has always warned her kids about.

"To scream, run, and not stand still," said Morales' 6-year-old daughter. 

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