Gunshots fired at a crowd in a Yuma bar parking lot

Gunshots fired at a crowd in a Yuma bar parking lot


Yuma, AZ- It was a scary moment for customers and employees at Strummers Village Tavern early this morning.

After a bar fight ended with gun shots being fired into a crowd in the parking lot next to the bar.

A bartender working at Strummers today told News 13 off camera that he was shocked something like this happened because he says their business is a safe place and he has never seen anything violent since he has worked there.

Yuma Police say they responded to a call regarding a disturbance and gunshots fired around 2am.

Their investigation revealed the altercation started in the bar and moved into the parking lot where 2 hand guns were pulled out and multiple shots were fired. No one was injured.

Police say the subjects fled the area before police arrived.

Strummers did re-open this afternoon and will continue business as normal.

Police did not have a good description of who they are looking for but they are asking for anyone with information regarding this case to contact them or 78-crime to remain anonymous.


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