Half of fire department calls flu-related

Flu Epidemic

Half of fire department calls flu-related


SAN LUIS, AZ - Arizona is one of the 47 states where the flu is widespread. In San Luis Arizona, doctors at the walk-in clinic for Border Health tell KSWT News 13 they have been treating between 70 and 80 people suffering from the flu each week, for the last two weeks.

Dr. Daniel Calabrese from the San Luis Walk in Clinic tells us what the clinic is doing to prevent the flu from spreading. He says, "First of all were strongly encouraging flu shots on all children six months of age and above. Although their seems to be a little tendency for a refusal because of the belief the flu shot itself will make you ill and that's not the case."

KSWT News 13 also found out that the San Luis Fire Department is being called by many residents sick with the flu. San Luis firefighter Luis Cebrero's tells KSWT News 13 they've responded to at least 12 calls for emergency this past weekend alone. Cebrero's says "a lot, a lot of calls. I think maybe half of our calls or maybe 6 out of 10 calls are about the flu or flu like symptoms."

However, the San Luis Fire Department wants to remind everyone to call their doctor and not them if they are suffering from the flu. This will allow them to respond to normal emergency calls. Cebrero says "If it's just flu like symptoms I think its best treated with their doctor".

San Luis Arizona health officials, firefighters and clinic officials say they are protecting themselves from catching the virus by getting the flu vaccine.


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