Homeless seeking shelter during freeze warning

Freeze Warning

Homeless seeking shelter during freeze warning


YUMA, AZ- Not only are hospitals filling up with sick patients, but shelters are packed with people seeking a warm place to lay their heads.

With the chilly temps we've been experiencing this winter, many homeless and those in need have turned to the Crossroad's Mission.

Spokesperson Barbara Rochester tells us more people have come to the shelter than expected. "We will not turn them away, they're sleeping in the halls, in the chapel, but they will not be turned away, we will make sure they do not get sick, especially with the winds coming in" says Rochester.

She also says they're trying to keep those staying at the shelter from getting sick with the flu, "it is freezing cold, it is, and as you know how high the flu rate is, the hospitals are full, the doctors' offices, so we're really concerned about them getting sick and keeping an eye on them."

Rochester says Crossroad's Mission is allowing the homeless to stay as long as they need to during the cold weather.

However, because of the sudden increase in housing our areas homeless, the Crossroad's Mission needs your help with donations. You can drop off any warm clothes, blankets or food to the Crossroad's Mission in Yuma.

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