Local healthcare owner says flu vaccine supply low


Local healthcare owner says flu vaccine supply low


YUMA, AZ - Tina Harmon, the owner of Pinnacle Healthcare and a physician's assistant, says despite having enough vaccine to give 300 flu shots she may completly run out of them by this Friday.  The reason behind this is a local company has already pre-booked 290 shots of those vaccines because it wants its employee to be vaccinated against the flu.

She tells KSWT News 13, "I'm definitely down to not very many at all. I can order more, but unless I have a big push I will officially be out by the end of next week."

Harmon says she will order more of the vaccine if the demand calls for it. She says, "It's a little bit of a crapshoot. We've always had to guess a little bit."  

"It's really getting a little late. This is probably the last month where you or whoever gets a shot will get the best benefit."

Harmon says ordering more flu shots is as easy as placing a call to her supplier, or ordering it on the internet. If the flu vaccines are available she says it usually arrives within 24-hours.

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