Was Yuma recycling deal simply to avert a 50 cent rate hike? Yes


Was Yuma recycling deal simply to avert a 50 cent rate hike? Yes.

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YUMA - Was the recently approved recycling deal with Allied Waste a move by the City of Yuma an effort to avoid a future rate hike? The short answer is yes.

KSWT News 13 spoke with City Administrator Greg Wilkinson Thursday evening. He stands by his backing of the new recycling program.

Wilkinson says the $144,000 per year in cost savings will come from dump fees the city of Yuma won't have to pay, since it will only be using the landfill half as often.

As for the city's cut? Wilkinson says the deal amounts to a cost savings to offset the cost of buying new garbage trucks and other waste collection expenditures the city could not otherwise afford.

Here is what Yuma City Administrator Greg Wilkinson said about the deal before it was finalize in an interview with KSWT News 13 on December 5, 2012, "The State legislature changed some of the development fees that pay for buying new trucks and buying new things as the city grows and the legislature chose to pass that on in different ways so we would be able to offset that cost, and anything in the future that we have to do and to expand, hopefully would offset futures costs ... any cost increases that we have to do".

Wilkinson echoed those words on the phone this evening.  He says the city has not been able to replace garbage trucks for at least the last two or three years.

In fact, Wilkinson says the city was planning a rate increase of at least fifty cents in the not-too-distant future to offset the shortfall in the solid waste budget. According to Wilkinson, this week's deal with Allied Waste will keep trash fees where they are for the foreseeable future.

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