Fire Engine rollover; firefighters OK

Fire Engine rollover; firefighters OK


Yuma, AZ- It was a scary moment for Somerton-Cocopah firefighters Friday evening when the engine they were in ended up on its side while responding to a brush fire at County 16 1/2 and Levee Road.

It happened around 7PM at the intersection of County 17th and Levee Road.

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and they tell KSWT News 13 the fire engine rolled over because the narrow dirt road they were on couldn't handle the weight of the truck.

They say once the tire collapsed in the dirt there was nothing the driver could do.

Robbed Rodriguez with the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department says luckily all the firefighters had their seat belts on and that's what probably kept them from sustaining serious injuries.

Rodriguez says they expect for the firefighters to return back to work soon.

As for the brush fire- he says it was a small one and rural metro put it out last night.

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