Youth group honors MLK Day by helping the poor


Youth group honors MLK Day by helping the poor


YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13)  - On this holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., the Yuma Young Marines, a youth education service group, paid tribute to the civil rights leader by doing their part to preach to children of different ethnicities about staying away from drugs.

We asked Eleanor Sayles, the commanding officer for the youth group, if she's seen a change for the better in America when it comes to racism. 

She said, "It's never going to be over and that's why I do what I do here, because it's never going to be over. It's never going to be a perfect America, but it can always be a better America."

In following King's foot steps by servicing the community, Yuma Young Marines used this holiday to collect food and clothes to donate to the homeless at the Crossroads Mission.

Kenneth Mack, who stopped by to donate clothes for the needy, tells KSWT News 13 he believes we "have come a long way in racial equality, but are still a nation that judges one by their appearance and not character."

"We look at a poor person and we automatically think they're no good or their less than I am," Mack said.  "But the law says and even our government says all men our created equal, and until we  can get to that point we still have a lot of work to do."

When asked how ironic it is a black president is entering his second term on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mack said, "It's ironic, I guess. But when you think about the situation and you think of the position, if you're able to do it, it shouldn't matter what color you are."

According to the Yuma Young Marines, they collected about 40 cans of food and 25 jackets which they will donate to the Crossroads Mission.

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