Neighbors want more police patrols after nearby home is shot at


Neighbors want more police patrols after nearby home is shot at


Yuma, AZ- "All of a sudden I thought someone was actually knocking at the door wanting help," said Judith. She lives just a few doors down from where police say someone shot up a house.

The popping sound of gunshots woke her up from a deep sleep early Saturday morning."The officer asked me could it have been gun shots and I said I didn't really know, I was dazed," said Judith.

It turns out that noise definitely came from gun fire.

By daylight, neighbors could see a trail of bullet holes lodged in the walls of the house and in a vehicle parked out front.

A person who lives at this same house told KSWT News 13 they are victims of a targeted shooting. They claim it's in retaliation for a deadly shooting that happened last October outside Jimmy Dee's, a downtown Yuma bar.

But Yuma Police tell KSWT News 13 detectives are investigating that angle. However at this point they have not been able to connect the dots nor identify a shooter or shooters.

Judith just wants some peace of mind knowing police are nearby. "It's getting unsafe. We'd like more patrol."


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