Same house set on fire three times in less than a week

Same house set on fire three times in less than a week


YUMA, AZ - Yuma police detectives are investigating a string of fires at the same house. The most recent one happened Friday morning January 25th just before 3am.

Neighbors that live near the house on the 2200 block of West 18th Street tell KSWT News 13 they are shocked something like this happened in their neighborhood. They say they are worried about their safety and the safety of their family.

"It's scary in the middle of the night when there's six or eight fire trucks, it's two nights in a row now that they've been here," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

This neighbor lives with his fiancé and their young son next door to the house that has been targeted by an arsonist three times this week. "We have a 5 year old and it's really disheartening to wake up like that."

What was once considered a relatively quiet neighborhood now has residents on edge.

The first fire happened Tuesday night. A portion of the fence, a picnic table, and a wheel barrow was set on fire. Firefighters were able to quickly put that fire out.

But a few hours later the fire department was back to put another fire out. This time, a wooden gate along the side of that same home was on fire. A woman inside that home was rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

Then Friday morning, a third fire was set outside that homes bedroom window. Yuma Police are investigating these fires as arson.   

"We really want people, if they see a suspicious car or anything in their neighborhood to call us. It's always better to be safe than sorry," said Joe Franklin, Public Information Officer with the Yuma Police Department.

Yuma Police are asking for your help in catching the person or persons responsible for starting these fires.

As for the next door neighbor he can't grasp why this home is being targeted. "It's just scary, you know, to think that someone is trying to set this fire," said a concerned neighbor.

Yuma Police could not confirm if they've made any arrests in connection to the arsons or if they have any leads. But again, Yuma Police are encouraging anyone with information to call them at 78-crime to remain anonymous.

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