Animal drop-offs at the Humane Society will now be handled by th


Animal drop-offs at the Humane Society will now be handled by the City

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YUMA, Ariz. (KSWT News 13) - There are some changes being made in the way stray or lost animals are turned into the animal shelter.

The Humane Society of Yuma says people wanting to turn in an animal will need to contact the animal control department at City of Yuma first, if the animal is within city limits. 

The City of Yuma is no longer footing the bill for strays dropped off at the shelter, unless they can verify the animal was found within city limits.

They will evaluate each drop-off on a case-by-case basis, and will be handling all animal transports to the Humane Society themselves.

Dave Nash, the public affairs coordinator for the city, says they decided to make the change because the City was being billed for animals sent to the Humane Society that should have been billed to the County Sheriff's animal control department.

Right now, any person who brings in a stray to the shelter will be have to pay a $35 fee for each animal taken in. 

Annette Lagunas of the Humane Society tells us they are worried people will not turn in stray or lost animals to the shelter for the help they need.

"When we were doing animal control, we were able to take all of those animals in and it was covered under one lump sum," Lagunas tells KSWT News 13.

"Now that the animal control has been separated away from the Humane Society, it is being governed by the city and the counties, and we have to charge them per animal that comes into the shelter to cover our costs for being able to care for these animals."

Still, Lagunas encourages anyone who sees a stray or lost animal to call the animal control department at the City of Yuma to prevent the animal from harm.



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