String of burglaries has Foothills residents on edge


String of burglaries has Foothills residents on edge


Yuma, AZ- "We thought after being broken into twice in one season we better find some place else," said Gerry a Yuma Foothills resident.

Gerry says he moved to a new home in the Yuma Foothills to get away from the other home that burglars had staked out and targeted twice since last summer.

He says his new place, just a couple blocks away is more protected and has more security.

"This place has key type dead bolts, You can't get out of the house without a key and it has double dead bolts on all the doors so it's much more secure," said Gerry.

So far burglars have stayed away but he says other residents on his block haven't been so lucky.

"The guy around the corner, his home was broken into just 3 weeks ago, apparently he got his TV Stolen," said Gerry.

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office tells KSWT News 13 in the last month alone deputies have responded to 10 calls from residents whose homes have been burglarized.

Gerry says while his new home is equipped with better security, so too are he and his wife.

"My neighbors know I have a gun, most of my neighbors have guns but these guys don't do this when you're home. They must check out the area. They know when you're not here and they don't want to run into a gun," said Gerry.

Gerry says many of his neighbors are winter visitors.

He hopes Sheriff's Deputies will step up patrols in the area to detour criminals from breaking into another home.

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